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Originate From Nature

We are committed to hold true to our belief that everyone deserves to exercise their rights to authentic, natural and organic products which are not harmful to health. SO NATURAL range of products adhere to strict quality control during all stages of the production process. All the raw materials used are imported from Europe and SO NATURAL products attained the extremely stringent ECO-CERT organic and natural certification standards.

Benefits for Mankind

SO NATURAL unique formula for it’s extensive range of natural and organic products, is the testament of our founder’s inspiration towards natural beauty and technology. His passion and expertise on natural properties drawn from flowers and herbs, is his greatest motivation to produce only natural, non-toxic products which are safe for people and the environment.

Gesture of love for your loved ones

What can we offer to our next generation? Most of us would ensure that our family and loved ones live in a clean and safe environment. SoNatural range of high quality products are produced using only natural and organic ingredients which are not harmful to health and the environment.

Our food and daily products today have large quantities of toxics and petro-chemical contents which are extremely harmful to health. Professor Jabbar Lin, a bio-technician by training, is highly inspired and committed to produce range of products which are SO NATURAL and safe to be used by everyone. In 2002, ProfessorLin created his inaugural line of SO NATURAL Organic Daily Cleansers Collection and in recent years, his passion in herbs and plants motivates him to create high quality natural products for children and ultra-sensitive skins.


Professor Jabber Lin’s passion and inspiration on producing natural products was conceived when he was still a second year undergraduate student at National Taiwan Normal University ( NTNU ) some 40 years ago! He started making soaps, shampoos and detergents for his family from natural ingredients. Professor Lin was even more determined when his best friend’s father was diagnosed and surrendered himself to cancer. He accompanied his friend to walk through his grief but also secretly embarked on his crusade to change the world! Hethen started his extensive research on the impact of chemicals in our daily lives and was thus, fully convinced that he would only hold his professional practice on bio-chemistry to improve people’s health and the environment.


Professor Lin later discovered that most ( if not all ) of the commercially advertised “organic” or “natural” products in the market today does not hold true to its promise or being responsible towards their consumers. He could not accept this fact ethically or spiritually, and therefore created a series of So Natural product portfolio, which all attained the extremely stringent European Union ECO-CERT organic and natural certification standards.  


Professor Jabbar Lin will continue to hold true to his original believe and professional ethics, that everyone deserves to exercise their rights to authentic natural and organic products which are not harmful to health. It is always So Natural for Professor Lin to ensure that all his products are safe for the consumers and the environment!

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