Product Features


1. All-natural plant extracts ingredients, does not irritate your skin, making this product suitable for all skin types.

2. Anti-aging properties which are easily absorbs by your skin, making your skin more radiant.

3. Brightening and firming skin: Phyllic acid (B3), Q10 effectively restores skin elasticity and makes your skin look younger

Maintain the skin elasticity: hyaluronic acid natural enzyme molecules, moisturize your skin, giving you soft and shiny skin.

4. Moisturizing repair : jojoba oil, potassium glycyrrhizinate and allantoin properties, enhance and repair skin damage, leaving your skin smoother and whiter.

5. Does NOT contain any chemical raw materials, without any petrochemical compounds, no artificial foaming agent, plasticizers, fluorescent agents or heavy metals.


C60-Fullerene Youth-Renewal Cream 25+

  • All natural fullerenes, phosphonium acids (B3), Q10, fermented lactic acid bacteria, water-soluble potassium glycyrrhizinate, urea, papaya, aqueous humectants, complex amino acids,

  • Popular anti-aging properties and slow down skin aging, while strengthening the skin protection against irritations.

About Us

Sonatural product range, had all attained the extremely stringent organic and natural certification standards from Taiwan and European Union countries. Therefore, SO NATURAL products always maintain its high quality standards which are extremely safe for you, your family and your friends. SO NATURAL products are currently distributed in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Canada.                                     

Phone:+886 09888652                                    

SL Pin Yu International Trading Company Limited

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